•  2014-2015: Course Instructor – MITx: 7.QBWr Quantitative Biology Workshop – Introduction to Visual Neuroscience with hands-on Matlab and ImageJ.

• 2012-2013: Student Mentoring  Rotation and UROP program, Mriganka Sur Laboratory, MIT (Cambridge, USA)

• 2012: Teaching Assistant Methods in Computational NeuroscienceMBL (Woods Hole, USA)

• 2012: Course Instructor – Model-based Approaches in Sensory Systems, MIT IAP for-credit program (Cambridge, USA)

• 2010: Teaching Assistant  Workshop on Animal Research in Neuroscience in the framework of the FACETS European project (Gif-sur-Yvette, France)

• 2003: Substitute TeacherEcole de Culture Générale Jean-Piaget (Geneva, Switzerland)

• 2000-2005: Tutor – Students tutoring in mathematics and physics (high-school level)